Microwave Sterilization experiment of Soybean Powder in Anyang, Henan Province

Henan Kunhua Biotechnology Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Henan subcritical Biotechnology Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 1995.The product line includes: soybean protein series, wheat germ protein series and valuable edible oil series products, the main products are: soybean protein, whole fat soybean meal, low temperature soybean meal, defatted wheat germ meal, powder, functional protein and dairy special powder and so on. The factory came to my factory to purchase a set of 400 kg per hour of microwave sterilization equipment production line. Soybean protein, full-fat soybean meal, low-temperature soybean meal, defatted wheat germ meal, powder, functional protein and special milk powder. At present, … Read more

Drying and sterilization experiment of pigeon food in Tianjin

With the continuous development of pigeon racing culture, China has gradually become the world pigeon racing center.Pigeon food plays a key role in breeding high quality racing pigeons.Recently, two people from a pigeon food manufacturer in Tianjin came to our company to investigate the microwave drying and sterilization equipment for pigeon food. The client is the sponsor of Tianjin (international) pigeon racing club and one of the most influential enterprises in the wholesale pigeon industry.Due to the popularity of pigeon racing culture in the world, the production scale of pigeon food keeps expanding, and the production capacity and quality of the … Read more