Microwave Thawing Equipment for Frozen Marine Fish

Many people like to taste some all kinds of costly foods, some people have a passion for seafood, seafood taste is very unique, so that many people are salivating, such as all kinds of marine fish, marine fish and river fish taste is naturally different, and often eat marine fish is also a lot of benefits to the health, but because many places do not rely on the sea, so it is still more difficult to eat fresh marine fish. If they want to be transported over long distance can only be frozen and naturally thawed when eating, then what good thawing … Read more

Bean Stick Microwave Sterilization Equipment

Bean stick is a very delicious snack, often seen on the table, eating it is very fresh and not greasy, of course, eating bean curd skin also has a lot of benefits, such as prevention of anemia, strong bones, prevent alzheimer’s disease and so on. We usually see the bean curd skin is generally dry, are after sterilization and drying, so usually manufacturers are how to sterilize the bean curd skin? Bean curd skin microwave sterilization equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment company can help us very effectively. bean curd stick Advantages of bean curd stick microwave sterilization equipment: 1.Extended shelf life Bean curd stick after processed by bean curd stick microwave sterilization machine, … Read more

Application of 915MHZ Microwave Thawing Equipment

Meat food is easy to corrupt at normal temperature, which usually needs to be cryopreserved and thawed before further deep processing. The freezing process is one of the main storage methods of the meat food, and the freezing and thawing process is an important factor that influences the quality of the frozen food. The traditional freezing and thawing method is time-consuming and can lead to the loss of nutrient components and the reduction of the quality, which can not meet the development requirement of the modern food industry. Therefore, the 915 MHZ microwave thawing equipment of our company just meets the … Read more

Microwave Bottled Hot Sauce Sterilizing Equipment

With the continuous development of microwave technology and the continuous improvement of microwave theory, microwave technology gradually realizes industrialization. Its advantages of safety and environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency also promote its wide application in various industries and promote the rapid development of environment-friendly society. Compared with the traditional sterilization, the bottled chili sauce sterilization equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company has many incomparable advantages: 1.The immediacy of the sterilization of bottled hot sauce. Because microwave heating converts electromagnetic energy into heat energy, it is internal heating, does not need heat transfer process, and heating inside and … Read more

Introduction of Large Microwave Oven Thawing Machine

In order to produce frozen meat as raw material, it is necessary to go through thawing process. In this process, the selection of thawing equipment is very important, because in the process of thawing, the speed of thawing, the change of temperature and other factors may affect the quality of meat after thawing. Microwave thawing: The frozen product is thawed by heating the material itself under the effect of an alternating electric field. The microwave thawing process of frozen food can be divided into two types of tempering and melting. The temperature control is usually carried out when the frozen … Read more