Microwave Vacuum Dehydrator

Now, the rapid development of science and technology, a variety of new technologies constantly appear, Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s microwave vacuum dehydration equipment is using the emerging microwave technology research and development manufacturing, this is not only the development of the microwave industry, but also a major progress in science and technology in China.

Microwave vacuum dehydrator

The microwave dehydration equipment of Leader Microwave Equipment Company is shown in the picture above. As you can see, the microwave dehydration equipment is beautiful and fashionable. It adopts advanced parts and exquisite technology. Created by professionals, innovative design. The company’s microwave vacuum drying equipment, seafood microwave defrosting machine, microwave extraction equipment and so on are also first-class products.

Advantages of microwave vacuum dehydrator

  1. The microwave vacuum dehydratorcan set overtemperature alarm, implement closed-loop control, and strictly control the stage of low moisture content of the material temperature.
  2. High voltage transformer is used in the secondary cooling system to ensure that the microwave dehydration equipmentcan work 24 hours continuously.
  3. Under the vacuum condition, the evaporation temperature of water is low, which realizes the low-temperature drying, retains the color, flavor and nutrition of the processed raw materials, avoids the oxidation of the active components in the raw materials, and keeps the product in good condition after dehydration.
  4. Microwave penetrates into the inside of the material, the rotating vacuum cavity system drives the material relatively horizontally, the material is heated more evenly, the dehydration speed is faster, its operation cost is far lower than other methods, saving energy, reducing consumption, health, environmental protection.
  5. Microwave vacuum dehydratoradopts perfect mechatronics design, multiple sensors real-time monitoring, PLC program control, infrared temperature measurement, the system is safe and reliable.

Technical parameters of microwave vacuum dehydrator:

Product nameMicrowave vacuum dehydration equipment
Device classDriving belt
Microwave frequency2450±50MHz
Power setting20-200kw
Size range(10-40)* 1.1 * 2.2m
Transmission speed0-2m/min
Input voltage380V
The cabinet colorSilvery white
The whole materialIndustrial grade stainless steel
Microwave leakage limit(MW/CM2):≤1
Environmental temperature(°C):-10-40°C

 Working principle of microwave vacuum dehydrator

In the process of dehydration, liquid water vaporization has evaporation and boiling two ways, vacuum dehydrator is in the vacuum state, with steam as the heat source, through conduction heating way to supply the machine cavity water enough heat, make evaporation and boiling at the same time, accelerate the evaporation rate. At the same time, the vacuum extraction and rapid evaporation of steam, and the formation of a negative pressure state, accelerate the evaporation speed, to achieve the purpose of rapid dehydration.

schematic diagram

Application of microwave vacuum dehydrator

  1. All kinds of tea, grass, flowers, green leaves, etc.
  2. All kinds of dried meat, such as beef, pork, chicken, duck, fish and so on.
  3. Used for powder of various materials, such as spices and other food additives.
  4. Agricultural products, such as dates, nuts, grains, peanuts and so on.
  5. Snack food, fruit seeds, grains, peanuts, potato chips, etc.
  6. Chemical raw materials, pills, such as water pills, water honey pills, honey pills, concentrated pills, Tibetan medicine and so on.

Dehydrated Vegetable

Microwave vacuum dehydrator has a wide range of applications. This is the vegetable dehydrated by this equipment. It can be seen that the dewatering effect is very good, for other materials, can achieve the ideal dehydration effect also. It has a lot of advantages and benefits, and if you use it, you will know that’s why it’s so popular. It is the best choice for dehydration treatment, its development should not be underestimated!