Microwave Thawing Equipment for Frozen Marine Fish

Many people like to taste some all kinds of costly foods, some people have a passion for seafood, seafood taste is very unique, so that many people are salivating, such as all kinds of marine fish, marine fish and river fish taste is naturally different, and often eat marine fish is also a lot of benefits to the health, but because many places do not rely on the sea, so it is still more difficult to eat fresh marine fish. If they want to be transported over long distance can only be frozen and naturally thawed when eating, then what good thawing equipment is there? For example, leader microwave equipment produces frozen marine fish microwave thawing equipment.

Frozen marine fish

Advantages of microwave thawing equipment for frozen marine fish:

1.Rapid thawing rate.

The microwave produced by microwave thawing machine can directly reach the interior of marine fish for thawing, which greatly reduces the time consumed by the traditional thawing method and improves the production efficiency.

2.Unfreeze evenly

The thawing of marine fish must be uniform and consistent, otherwise it will cause taste problems in the process of cooking, because the microwave of frozen marine fish microwave freezer can penetrate the sea fish for thawing, so the thawed marine fish are very uniform, there will not be the phenomenon of external thawing and freezing inside.

3.Save energy

The traditional thawing method needs a lot of water resources, while the microwave thawing machine only needs a small amount of electricity to complete the thawing of frozen marine fish, which not only saves water resources but also saves electricity.

4.Protect the environment

Microwave thawing machine through microwave, no excess waste gas produced, and the traditional thawing method will cause waste of water sources, resulting in environmental pollution.

5.Simple operation

Although it is said that the machine thaw, but the operation of microwave thawing equipment is very simple, do not need professionals to operate, conducive to manufacturers to find workers.

Microwave thawing equipment for frozen marine fish

Model and technical parameters of microwave thawing equipment for frozen marine fish:

total power30KW60KW90KW
Microwave operating frequency915±25mhz
microwave output power20~100kw
Transmission speed0.1~3m/min frequency control
Microwave leakage≤5mw/cm2(gb5959.6-87)
Thawing capacity0.5~3t/ h
Input power supplyThree phase five wire 380V±10% 50Hz±1%
Height of inlet and outlet80mm
Transmission bandwidth912mm
transmission speed0.1~5m/min
Outward Size (Length*Width* Height)about 9180×1555×1668mm

 schematic diagram

Principle of microwave thawing equipment for frozen sea fish:

Microwave thawing refers to the use of polar molecular vibration to produce elastic collision with surrounding molecules, grinding heat generation, and its heating mode is produced from the frozen marine fish. This method has the advantages of low production cost, high efficiency, no bacterial growth and small occupation area, which is incomparable to other technological methods.

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Because a variety of seafood has been popular, so the market demand for frozen marine fish microwave thawing equipment is very huge, of course, it can be used not only to thaw marine fish, but also to thaw some other foods, which can be described as more than one stone. It is worth mentioning that a variety of microwave equipment, such as frozen chicken leg microwave thawing equipment, tea microwave drying equipment, frozen pork microwave thawing equipment and so on, have been exported to Russia, Canada, Japan, India and other countries, where they have gained a very good reputation.