Microwave Sterilization experiment of Soybean Powder in Anyang, Henan Province

Henan Kunhua Biotechnology Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Henan subcritical Biotechnology Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 1995.The product line includes: soybean protein series, wheat germ protein series and valuable edible oil series products, the main products are: soybean protein, whole fat soybean meal, low temperature soybean meal, defatted wheat germ meal, powder, functional protein and dairy special powder and so on. The factory came to my factory to purchase a set of 400 kg per hour of microwave sterilization equipment production line. Soybean protein, full-fat soybean meal, low-temperature soybean meal, defatted wheat germ meal, powder, functional protein and special milk powder.

At present, there are more than 50 countries and regions in the world, but China, the United States, Brazil and Argentina and other countries are the main production countries.

The soybean production in different regions of China is very different, so it is very important to know the soybean division in China. According to the natural conditions of the climate, the cultivation system, the type of the variety, the history, the distribution and the scope of the development of the soybean, the two-level division of the soybean area in China is carried out: In the first level, the whole country is divided into five regions according to the ripening system of the main crops, and the second level is that the differences in natural conditions in the regions are divided into seven subregions, according to which the general situation of soybean production in the whole country can be seen.

I、Northern spring soybean area

1.Spring soybean subregion in Northeast China

2.Spring soybean subregion on the Loess Plateau

3.Northwest spring soybean subregion

II.Summer Soybean Area in Huang-huai-hai river basin.

1.Spring and summer soybean subarea in central Hebei and Jin provinces

2 , summer soybean sub-area in Huang-Huai-Hai river basin

III.Spring and Summer Bean area in the Yangtze River Basin

IV.Southeast-spring and summer-autumn soybean area

V.Four seasons soybean area in South China

The customer’s company is located in the summer soybean production area of Huang-Huai-Hai river basin, which is rich in raw materials. The remaining residue of soybean and other oil crops is used as soybean powder to realize deep processing and reuse, and a good quality sterilization equipment is urgently needed. Customers have their own equipment R & D production team, there is a box microwave equipment in the factory, too old, low output, with the continuous expansion of the scale to buy a reliable quality, high output and energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, customers intend to buy a set of equipment of 60kw, the budget is about 300,000 yuan, after repeated online comparison, the first on-the-spot inspection is our company. Customers hope to find equipment that can control the total number of raw material colonies to less than 1000. After the actual production verifies the quality, they will cooperate for a long time, because customers will also make supporting equipment with other manufacturers.

After understanding the customer’s situation, we recommend a 60 kw microwave sterilization equipment. There is a similar prototype in the workshop, so we use the prototype to carry out sample sterilization experiments. All the steps of the experiment simulate the actual production of the workshop, many experiments, customers are very satisfied with the color and characteristics of the experimental samples.

After sterilization, the production materials in the customer workshop will be packaged directly. Considering that there will be secondary pollution and material residual temperature at the exit, the scheme we give is to pretend vacuum closed transmission mechanism at the exit to solve the secondary pollution problem. The inlet and outlet are equipped with tooth profile plate, so that the surface of the incoming and outgoing materials can be evenly cut out, which can increase the sterilization area and cooling effect.

After considering the customer’s requirements for output (400kg per hour), and will continue to grow, finally we provide customers with 90 kw water cooling equipment scheme, digital frequency conversion power supply, can be high power continuous production, high production capacity, while reducing energy consumption, supporting equipment exit vacuum transportation mechanism to avoid material re-pollution, export lengthening 1500 mm, and import and export add tooth rake material to solve the residual temperature problem after material processing, The customer is very satisfied.

The service life of our equipment microwave generator is about 10000 hours under the condition that the power of the microwave generator is fully turned on,the automobile transportation is adopted, the prepaid payment is 50%, the remaining 50% is paid before shipment, the quality assurance is within one year, the 24-hour door service in remote areas is excluded from the warranty period, and the equipment with non-special functional requirements is shipped after the advance payment.

The follow-up customers will provide support for other manufacturers to continue to cooperate with us. In order to meet the requirements of sterilization, the test belt feeding and discharging port is sterilized by alcohol, the experimental materials are accurately weighed, and the local characteristic meal experimental personnel of the customer are treated at noon to explain the customer’s questions. However, the sterilization experiment is best to be carried out in a closed sterile workshop, and it is best to be an isolation workshop to truly restore the professional level of our equipment and technical personnel.