Microwave Bottled Hot Sauce Sterilizing Equipment

With the continuous development of microwave technology and the continuous improvement of microwave theory, microwave technology gradually realizes industrialization. Its advantages of safety and environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency also promote its wide application in various industries and promote the rapid development of environment-friendly society.

Microwave Bottled Hot Sauce Sterilizing Equipment

Compared with the traditional sterilization, the bottled chili sauce sterilization equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company has many incomparable advantages:

1.The immediacy of the sterilization of bottled hot sauce.

Because microwave heating converts electromagnetic energy into heat energy, it is internal heating, does not need heat transfer process, and heating inside and outside at the same time, the effect is uniform, the instantaneous high temperature can be achieved. In general, the traditional sterilization method should reach at least 100℃, and it takes a long time, ranging from ten to dozens of minutes. The microwave sterilization temperature is 70 – 90 ℃, the time is short, usually 3-5 minutes, convenient and time saving.

2.The high efficiency of the sterilization of the sterilization machine for bottled hot sauce.

In the microwave sterilization process, only the sterilized object itself absorbs the microwave and converts it into thermal energy, while the sterilization chamber wall of the bottle hot sauce sterilization equipment is the metal material that does not absorb the microwave, and the sterilization container is a non-polar substance that does not absorb the microwave. Therefore, the microwave sterilization equipment itself and the corresponding sterilization container of the bottle are almost without heat loss, so its thermal efficiency is very high.

3.Bottle chili sauce sterilization equipment low temperature sterilization, maintain spicy sauce nutrients and flavor.

The sterilization of the bottled hot sauce sterilization equipment is carried out by special heat and non-thermal effect sterilization, and compared with the high-temperature sterilization, the required disinfection and sterilization effect can be obtained at a relatively low temperature and a short time. The sterilization temperature of the microwave-bottled hot sauce sterilization equipment is generally in the range of 70-105 DEG C, so that the effect can be achieved, and the nutritional ingredients and the color, the aroma, the taste, the shape and the like of the food can be kept to the maximum extent. For example, the vitamin C retained in vegetables treated by conventional heat treatment was 46% -50%, while that of microwave treatment was 60%- 90%, and the retention rate of vitamin a in pig liver was 58%, while that in microwave heating was 84%.

4.The sterilization equipment of bottled chili sauce is safe and harmless, and no waste is produced in the sterilization process. Compared with the conventional method of fossil fuel combustion sterilization, microwave sterilization does not produce carbon dioxide and does not pollute the environment.

5.Microwave sterilization is thorough, safe and reliable. Bottled chili sauce sterilization equipment can prolong the shelf life of chili sauce.

Conventional thermal sterilization starts from the surface of the material. However, through heat conduction to the interior, there is an internal and external temperature difference, which often does not reach enough temperature in the food to affect the bactericidal effect. Because microwave has strong penetration effect, the surface and interior of food are affected at the same time, so bottled chili sauce sterilization equipment sterilizes evenly and thoroughly.

6.Bottle chili sauce sterilization equipment is easy to control.

The microwave sterilization treatment, the equipment can be opened and used without the thermal inertia of the conventional thermal sterilization, the operation is flexible and convenient, the microwave power is adjustable, the transmission speed is continuously adjustable from zero to zero, and the operation is convenient.

7.Bottled chili sauce sterilization equipment to improve working conditions and save land area. The working environment noise of the equipment is small, which greatly improves the working conditions. The operation of the whole microwave equipment takes only 2 to 3 people.

Microwave Bottled Hot Sauce Sterilizing Equipment

The sterilization principle of the sterilization equipment for bottled chili sauce:

Bottled chili sauce sterilization machine makes use of the thermal and non-thermal effects of microwave on microorganisms in food to achieve the purpose of insecticidal sterilization.

The thermal effect of microwave is to make use of the instantaneous high temperature of microwave, which is the destruction of the spatial structure of bacterial cells, so that the protein can mutate and achieve the purpose of sterilization.  The non-thermal effect of the microwave is also called a biological effect, which is the characteristic that the microwave transient temperature increases, and the physiological active substance of the microorganism such as bacteria is mutated to cause the growth and development of the microorganism to be abnormal until death, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilizing and fresh-keeping.

Microwave Bottled Hot Sauce Sterilizing Equipment

With the further development of microwave technology and bottle hot sauce sterilization equipment and microwave degrease equipment support dryer, the application of microwave in various fields will become more widely, and its practical application will promote the microwave theory to mature.