Introduction of Large Microwave Oven Thawing Machine

In order to produce frozen meat as raw material, it is necessary to go through thawing process. In this process, the selection of thawing equipment is very important, because in the process of thawing, the speed of thawing, the change of temperature and other factors may affect the quality of meat after thawing.

Microwave thawing:

The frozen product is thawed by heating the material itself under the effect of an alternating electric field. The microwave thawing process of frozen food can be divided into two types of tempering and melting. The temperature control is usually carried out when the frozen food is thawed, from low temperature to below freezing point, that is, from -4 to -2. degree. C.

Microwave Oven Thawing Machine

Main feature:

1.Main characteristics of large microwave oven thawing machine:

In the process of thawing, the difference between the center and the surface temperature of the frozen product is kept in the minimum range, and combined with the scientific and reasonable air distribution device, the frozen product is not frozen from the center to the surface, and the fresh state of the food is kept.

2.The large microwave oven thawing equipment has good hygienic environment food grade stainless steel, the structure design is reasonable, ensures that the hygiene has no dead angle, and meets the food safety and hygiene requirements.

3.The large microwave oven freezer adopts special stainless steel and is well made.

Large microwave freezer can be customized according to user product specifications or provide drawings made by users. It greatly reduces the labor intensity of the shipper and improves the work efficiency.


The output and body shape of large microwave oven antifreeze can be designed and manufactured according to the requirements of users and the actual situation of the site.

5.The thawing speed of a large-scale microwave oven is fast and time-consuming.

Microwave thawing equipment uses molecular motion to thaw, through electromagnetic wave to play a special role in frozen products, so that molecules collide with each other, friction, produce heat to achieve thawing effect. The higher the frequency of the wave, the greater the collision and friction, the more calorific value, and the faster the thawing speed. Compared with the large microwave oven freezer thawing time in minutes, the use of water, air thawing equipment is calculated in hours of thawing speed.

It is said that the large microwave oven freezer thawed too fast, causing the water in the cell space (that is, the extracellular) does not have enough time to “flow back” into the cell, resulting in the loss of juice and the reduction of food quality. This is a little significant for fast-frozen meat, and the loss of water in its own cells is very low. Therefore, the thawing machine of the microwave oven which is unfrozen by the molecular motion is suitable for enterprises with large production mass and needing to be thawed.

Therefore, the thawing machine of the large-scale microwave oven can fully meet the requirements of the existing site transformation and the thawing requirements of the multi-variety frozen meat products.

Microwave Oven Thawing Machine

Other thawing methods are described as follows:

Atmospheric water thawing is characterized by rapid thawing and weight loss due to better heat transfer performance than air. Therefore, hydrolytic freezing is mainly used for thawing of packaged meat, generally requiring water temperature not to exceed 20℃.

High hydrostatic pressure thawing

When the frozen product is subjected to high pressure, the original ice temperature drops the sensible heat and converts it into the melting latent heat of another part of the ice, which can thaw it quickly, which can avoid the thermal denaturation of food caused by heating and thawing, and the high pressure and bactericidal effect, the loss of liquid juice after thawing is less, the color, hardness and other indexes are better.

Vacuum thawing

The principle of vacuum thawing: with the change of pressure, the boiling point of water changes. By steam heating or electric heating, the water is continuously boiled and vaporized to generate a large amount of low-temperature steam, the low-temperature water vapor is condensed into water on the surface of the frozen meat, and a large amount of condensation heat is released, and the heat is absorbed by the frozen meat to be melted.

In summary, the large-scale continuous microwave thawing machine is a relatively promising defrosting equipment.