How to sterilize dried nuts?

Believe a lot of people like to eat dried nuts very much, nuts can be said to be the snack that after tea meal suits to use recreation most, not only delicious and nutrition is rich, dried nuts contains rich protein and amino acid, eating nuts regularly is good for you health. The health and safety of food is very important. So nuts are usually sterilized, so how are dried nuts sterilized? Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s nut microwave sterilization equipment can effectively sterilize nuts.


Advantages of microwave sterilization equipment for nuts

1.High efficiency, high speed, low energy consumption, no pollution

Nuts microwave sterilization machine is a new sterilization method, using microwave sterilization, and the penetrability of microwave is very strong, can be directly applied to the interior of the nuts, make nuts inside and outside at the same time sterilize, so the sterilization speed very fast, and microwave also won’t affect nuts, with low energy consumption, pollution-free advantages.
2.Low temperature sterilization, keep the primary color and nutrition, extend the shelf life of dried fruit
The taste of nuts is very important, nuts microwave sterilization machine uses the way of low temperature sterilization, without destroying the appearance of nuts and nutrients on the basis of sterilization, so it can maintain the original nutrition of nuts, and can extend the shelf life.

3.Easy to operate
Microwave sterilization machine is very convenient to use, ordinary workers can easily learn, can help manufacturers greatly reduce labor costs.

4.Heat and sterilize evenly
Because microwave can act on nut interior directly, so the use of microwave sterilization machine sterilization can be very even sterilization. This can ensure the quality of dried fruit.

5.Safety and hygiene

The whole machine of microwave sterilization equipment is made of industrial-grade stainless steel, which is very safe, and use very sanitation, clean also very convenient.

Microwave sterilization equipment for nuts

Model and technical parameters of microwave sterilization equipment for nuts

Input powerThree-phase five-wire 380V±10% 50Hz±1%
Microwave output power30kW(Adjustable)
Microwave frequency2450MHz±50Hz
Rated input apparent power≤45kVA
Height of inlet and outlet50mm
Transmission band width650mm
Transmission speed0.1~5m/min
Dimensions(L×W×H)About 12800×1310×1668mm
Working environment0~40℃、Relative humidity≤80%

Comparison of microwave sterilization equipment for nuts and traditional sterilization methods

  1. Sterilization efficiency

Traditional sterilization method is almost all pasteurization and high-temperature sterilization method, both of which are relatively low efficiency, need to spend more time, so as to reduce productivity, and microwave sterilization equipment productivity is very high, a few minutes can be completed sterilization.

  1. The nutrition

The traditional sterilization method will cause the loss of nutrients in the process of sterilization, making the taste of the nuts worse, and microwave sterilization equipment will not appear such a situation, can retain the nutrition and taste of the nuts to the greatest extent.

Now the living standard is constantly improving, high-tech equipment is also constantly emerging, the development of microwave technology for our economic improvement has played a very important role, for example, microwave defrosting equipment of frozen hairband fish, microwave drying equipment of tea mushroom, microwave sterilization equipment of cloth, etc, have brought certain influence to our daily life.

As the public love nuts more and more, nut demand is increasing, nut microwave sterilization equipment demand is also increasing, as long as seize the opportunity, believe that our tomorrow will be different!