How do you thaw frozen salmon?

Now people are becoming more and more picky about what they eat. Many people like to eat fish, especially salmon. Salmon is also an expensive food. Salmon is not only very delicious but also rich in nutrients, which can help the human body to promote growth, protect the cardiovascular system, and improve the appearance of the body. Therefore, many people like to eat salmon. Since salmon has a short shelf life, it needs to be frozen, so how do you defrost it when you eat it? Microwave thawing equipment for frozen salmon produced by Leader Microwave Equipment company can be very good for thawing frozen products.

 Frozen salmon

Advantages of microwave thawing equipment for frozen salmon

1.Strong practicability of equipment

As the microwave thawing machine for frozen salmon is fully automatic, it can thawed salmon safely and efficiently and keep the thawed salmon in the freshest state.

2.stainless steel equipment

The whole machine of microwave defrosting machine for frozen salmon is made of industrial-grade stainless steel, so the process of defrosting salmon is very clean and hygienic, safe and stable, which can guarantee consumers’ sanitary requirements for salmon.

3.PLC automatic control system

During thawing, the microwave thawing machine adopts automatic control system to reduce the error of manual thawing, which can realize high accuracy of thawing and show accurately at the same time. It is also equipped with multiple defrosting modes, which makes the production efficiency very high.
4.Thawing process can be implemented step by step

Microwave thawing is a new way of thawing, the microwave of microwave thawing machine can directly act on the inside of salmon, inside and outside at the same time, to achieve rapid and uniform thawing, less water loss rate, less protein loss.

5.Good quality

Microwave-thawed salmon with microwave defrosting devices retain their color, inhibit microbial growth, and consume less energy.

Microwave thawing equipment for frozen salmon

Model and technical parameters of microwave thawing equipment for frozen salmon

PropertySterilize and defrost
MaterialsStainless steel
MovementBelt conveyor
Voltage220V / 380V
Transport packagePlastic bags inside, wooden boxes outside
Microwave frequency2450±50MHz
Dimensions(10-42)M *1.1M*1.7M
Microwave leakage limit≤1mW/square centimetre
Working hours24 hr

Comparison of microwave thawing equipment for frozen salmon with traditional thawing method

  1. Uniform defrosting degree

The traditional thawing method is mostly water thawing, which is gradually thawed from the outside to the inside. This thawing method will cause uneven thawing of salmon, while microwave thawing directly penetrates into the inside of salmon, making the salmon inside and outside thawed at the same time, and thawing is very even.

  1. Thawing speed

It takes a long time for water to thaw, usually a few hours, while microwave thawing takes only a few minutes.

  1. Nutrition

Water thawing causes the salmon to pass under the impact of the current, causing a loss of nutrients.The microwave defrosting device does not cause the salmon to lose nutrients.

The salmon treated by the microwave thawing equipment for frozen salmon is nutritious and retains the original taste of salmon, so the market response is good enough to show that microwave technology is a good choice. Of course, now the application of microwave technology is more and more extensive, such as frozen seafood microwave defrosting equipment, tea microwave sterilization equipment, mushroom microwave drying equipment, in our daily life can be seen everywhere microwave equipment.

I believe that under the leadership of microwave technology, we can certainly in this era of rapid development, harvest a rich life!