Microwave Vacuum Dehydrator

Now, the rapid development of science and technology, a variety of new technologies constantly appear, Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s microwave vacuum dehydration equipment is using the emerging microwave technology research and development manufacturing, this is not only the development of the microwave industry, but also a major progress in science and technology in China. Microwave vacuum dehydrator The microwave dehydration equipment of Leader Microwave Equipment Company is shown in the picture above. As you can see, the microwave dehydration equipment is beautiful and fashionable. It adopts advanced parts and exquisite technology. Created by professionals, innovative design. The company’s microwave vacuum drying equipment, seafood microwave defrosting … Read more

Microwave Defrosting Equipment for Lunch Meat

Introduce Advantage PDF Download PDF Canned luncheon meat is one of the most widely consumed canned meats in the world. It is processed in a complex way. The raw material used in mass production is frozen pork carcass.Thawing is a very important process. The thawing effect of raw materials will not only directly affect the water holding capacity, color, elasticity and safety of canned luncheon meat products, but also have a significant impact on the production cycle, site demand and production cost. It is very important to improve the thawing process and technology of canned luncheon meat.The microwave defrosting equipment … Read more

Microwave Thawing Equipment for Frozen Pork

Introduce Advantage Model Parameter PDF Download PDF China has been leading other countries in pork consumption for years.At present, the main meat in China is mainly pork, pork consumption is one of the highest.According to statistics, the average Chinese eats nearly 60 kilograms of pork each year. Microwave thawing equipment for frozen pork is an advanced industrial thawing machine, which can significantly improve the quality of frozen meat and reduce the production cost. Leader Microwave Equipment Company research and development of frozen pork Microwave Thawing Equipment At present, meat used by meat processing enterprises can be roughly divided into cold … Read more

Microwave Degrease Equipment

Introduce Model Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF brand: Leader voltage: 220V〜380V power(W): 50KW dimensions(L * W * H):11700mm*1060mm*1750mm weight: 3T certification: CE Control system:PLC Color:silver Cooling system:water cooling or air cooling volume:504〜630kg After-sales service:field installation,commissioning and training Power source:electric power Microwave degrease equipment, including a variety of different power equipment.As one of the professional microwave equipment manufacturers, we can provide different power of different models,only to meet your requirements.These microwave degreasing equipment are of high quality and low price.If you are interested in our machines, please leave us a message. 10KW microwave degreasing equipment 20KW microwave degreasing equipment 30kw microwave degreasing … Read more