Drying and sterilization experiment of pigeon food in Tianjin

With the continuous development of pigeon racing culture, China has gradually become the world pigeon racing center.Pigeon food plays a key role in breeding high quality racing pigeons.Recently, two people from a pigeon food manufacturer in Tianjin came to our company to investigate the microwave drying and sterilization equipment for pigeon food.

The client is the sponsor of Tianjin (international) pigeon racing club and one of the most influential enterprises in the wholesale pigeon industry.Due to the popularity of pigeon racing culture in the world, the production scale of pigeon food keeps expanding, and the production capacity and quality of the original equipment cannot meet the demand. The customer plans to purchase two high-quality drying and sterilization production lines of pigeon food, requiring that each sterilization line has a production capacity of more than 600 kilograms per hour and can produce at least 8 hours per day.

We provide customers with a budget of about 600,000 yuan for a single set. In order to find suitable equipment, we have visited many places with samples, but there has been no satisfactory manufacturer.

What we provide every day is a 100KW water-cooled microwave drying and sterilization equipment, which can be used for continuous production and accurate temperature control, to meet the large output demand of customers.

Through cleaning two kinds of samples of the customer, several experiments, repeated comparison of customer samples, with teeth to test the temperature of the experimental samples, color, relatively satisfactory.

In the end, we provided the customer with two water-cooling equipment. The microwave generator is oil-immersed power supply, equipped with advanced American Leitai thermometer, Siemens PLC, ABB electrical accessories, etc., half of the payment was paid in advance, and the rest was paid before delivery.

The advance payment will be immediately arranged for production, the goods will be delivered within 15 days, and the goods will be shipped to Tianjin customer’s designated receiving place within two days. The one-year warranty will be guaranteed, and the service personnel will be able to deal with the problem on the spot on the same day.

The customer proposed that if it was put into production formally, there would be more residual water after the raw material was put into water, which more or less affected the sterilization and drying effect, and was not conducive to the clean management of the production site.We pretend to set up a dehydrating mechanism for the feed port of the equipment to remove most residual water. The customer agrees with this plan.

For all customers who have needs, we should not only stay in the workshop and experiment, but also not know enough about the actual production of customers. We should provide a comprehensive plan in front of customers, so that customers can truly enjoy one-stop service.