Bean Stick Microwave Sterilization Equipment

Bean stick is a very delicious snack, often seen on the table, eating it is very fresh and not greasy, of course, eating bean curd skin also has a lot of benefits, such as prevention of anemia, strong bones, prevent alzheimer’s disease and so on. We usually see the bean curd skin is generally dry, are after sterilization and drying, so usually manufacturers are how to sterilize the bean curd skin? Bean curd skin microwave sterilization equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment company can help us very effectively.

bean curd stick

Advantages of bean curd stick microwave sterilization equipment:

1.Extended shelf life

Bean curd stick after processed by bean curd stick microwave sterilization machine, can effectively isolate all kinds of bacteria, make bean curd stick shelf life extended, to add more convenience to customers.

2.Retain color and nutrients

The traditional drying method will cause the deterioration of bean curd stick to a certain extent, but the use of bean curd stick microwave sterilization machine to produce bean curd stick, can retain the original color and nutrition to the greatest extent, is conducive to improve the sales profit.

3.Covera small area

The traditional sterilization method requires a large site, but the microwave sterilization machine occupies a small area, which can help manufacturers save site area and reduce production costs to a certain extent.

4.High production efficiency

Because microwave sterilization refers to the microwave of microwave sterilization machine directly acting on the inside of the bean curd stick, the bean curd stick inside and outside at the same time for sterilization, such sterilization time only need a few minutes, mechanized production efficiency is very high, not only conducive to subsequent production and processing, but also to improve profits.

5.The clean health

The whole production process of bean curd stick is carried out in microwave drying equipment, reducing the direct manual intervention, so it is very clean and sanitary, let customers trust.

Bean curd stick microwave sterilization equipment

Model and technical parameters of microwave sterilization equipment for bean curd stick:

Input powerThree-phase five-wire 380V±10% 50Hz±1%
Microwave output power30kW(Adjustable)
Microwave frequency2450MHz±50Hz
Nominal input apparent power≤45kVA
Height of inlet and outlet50mm
Transmission band width650mm
Transmission rate0.1~5m/min
Dimensions(length x width x height)About 11630×1310×1668mm
Working environment0~40℃、Relative humidity≤80%
YieldDry and dehydrate 30kg per hour
Industry standardsIt conforms to GB 10436-1989 standard for microwave radiation in workplace|Conform to GB/5226.1-2002 mechanical safety mechanical electrical equipment

Microwave sterilizing equipment

Comparison between microwave sterilization equipment of bean curd stick and traditional sterilization method:

There are many traditional sterilization methods, such as pasteurization, heating sterilization, and so on, and these sterilization methods compared with the bean curd stick microwave sterilization equipment has more disadvantages. Not only need a long time, low efficiency, and sterilization is not thorough, the quality of processed bean curd stick will decline, affecting subsequent sales.

It is worth mentioning that bean curd stick microwave sterilization equipment using microwave sterilization not only will not destroy the nutritional elements and taste of bean curd stick itself, but also has the advantages of high efficiency, thorough sterilization, clean health.

Nowadays, more and more microwave industry appears around us, such as microwave thawing equipment for frozen seafood, microwave drying equipment for tea, microwave sterilization equipment for vegetables, etc, all of which play a very important role in our daily life.

With the increasingly strong demand for health, the demand for light food, such as bean curd stick, will also increase, natural bean curd stick microwave sterilization equipment market will be very broad, we believe that as long as we keep up with the pace of the times, riding on the wings of technology, we are bound to obtain a better future.