Application of 915MHZ Microwave Thawing Equipment

Meat food is easy to corrupt at normal temperature, which usually needs to be cryopreserved and thawed before further deep processing.

The freezing process is one of the main storage methods of the meat food, and the freezing and thawing process is an important factor that influences the quality of the frozen food. The traditional freezing and thawing method is time-consuming and can lead to the loss of nutrient components and the reduction of the quality, which can not meet the development requirement of the modern food industry. Therefore, the 915 MHZ microwave thawing equipment of our company just meets the needs of the modern peace of life.

Microwave Thawing Equipment Microwave Thawing Equipment

Mechanism of 915MHZ microwave thawing equipment:

The microwave field is an alternating electromagnetic field, and when the food is thawed, the polar molecular water in the food converts the energy of the alternating electromagnetic field into heat energy.This conversion ability is determined by the number of water molecules and their relationship with the environment. Microwave thawing usually uses a higher frequency, ranging from 915 to 2450 MHz.

Microwave unfreezing is an internal heating method, which is a kind of electrolytic freezing. The principle is that electromagnetic wave plays a special role in the polar groups of polymers and low molecules in frozen products, especially in water molecules. It makes polar molecules constantly change the arrangement direction in the high frequency electromagnetic field, when the molecules rotate, vibrate, collide with each other, rub and produce heat. The higher the frequency of electromagnetic wave, the greater the collision and friction, the more heat is generated, and the faster the thawing speed is.

Microwave Thawing Equipment

The microwave thawing has certain potential in the aspects of melting efficiency and post-thaw quality. Compared with the traditional thawing method, the microwave thawing speed is the fastest, and the uniformity of the meat after thawing is the best.

Using microwave assisted thawing of Antarctic krill and white shrimp, it was found that adding 3% (mass fraction) salt-sucrose mixture was not only beneficial to accelerate thawing, but also optimized the uniform distribution of temperature. Other studies have shown that microwave thawing can reduce nutritional loss of meat products when dealing with rabbit meat. Therefore, in order to better meet the needs of food freezing industry, microwave thawing technology has a lot of development space in the future.