The Microwave defrosting machine for lunch meat defrosts the meat quickly and eliminates the pickling process, so it only takes 1 hour from the defrosting to the sealing.The whole processing process only needs about 3 hours, which shortens the production cycle.The traditional process lasts 80 hours.This is undoubtedly a new leap in spam production technology.
Microwave sterilization has the advantages of high efficiency, high speed and no pollution.Microwave sterilization equipment has been paid more and more attention.Sterilization is an important operation unit in food processing.It is of great significance to broaden the application of microwave sterilization technology in the field of food and improve the effect and quality of food sterilization.
So far, we have successfully exported and installed microwave thawing equipment for frozen pork in many countries, such as Indonesia, South Africa, uzbekistan, Jordan, Brazil and so on.We look forward to working with more customers to provide top products and services.Welcome to contact us!
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