Microwave Sterilization Equipment

Sterilization temperature of Microwave sterilization machinery is low, the time is short, nutritional components maintain good effect. Generally speaking, the traditional sterilization method should be at least over 100℃, and it takes a long time, ranging from 10 to dozens of minutes.

Microwave sterilization belongs to physical sterilization, safe and harmless.

Microwave thawing is the use of polar molecule vibration to produce elastic collision with the surrounding molecules, friction heat generation, its heating mode from the product material, microwave thawing machine can directly heat the food, do not need the heat conduction process, heating uniform and rapid.
Microwave thawing refers to the use of polar molecular vibration to produce elastic collision with surrounding molecules, grinding heat generation, and its heating mode is produced from the frozen marine fish. This method has the advantages of low production cost, high efficiency, no bacterial growth and small occupation area, which is incomparable to other technological methods.
So far, we have successfully exported and installed microwave thawing equipment for frozen pork in many countries, such as Indonesia, South Africa, uzbekistan, Jordan, Brazil and so on.We look forward to working with more customers to provide top products and services.Welcome to contact us!
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